female accountant

I’ve been away for the last 10 days or so on a well-deserved vacation. Here are a few updates that all have to do with money:

  1. The Fed lowered the Prime Rate, and ING Direct lowered their interests rates the next day
  2. Helio finally gave me the $272 they owed me (which after 9 months they should owe me $10 interest, but whatever)
  3. I now work for wesabe.com, a personal finance website
  4. I’m switching to EverBank from INGs Orange Savings and Wells Fargos checking

I’m really excited about the new job, in part because I think its a cool company with a good product, but also because I’ll still get to do Rails work with some pretty cool people, like Coda Hale and Andre Arko. Attendio was a good learning experience for me, and I wish them luck in the future, but I think it was time for me to move on and I think I made the right decision.

Number 1 doesn’t bother me so much because of number 4, as EverBank has yet to lower their rates (which stand at 5.01% APY vs. INGs 4.20% APY for Money Market and 3.65% APY vs. WellsFargos 0.00% APY on checking). EverBank also lets you send electronic (or paper) checks, though you cant write them yourself you do it online and you get an ATM card which you can use at BofA, Wells Fargo, and more and they will reimburse you up to $6/mo in fees from other banks, which I estimate to be about two withdraws per month more than I ever make.

The Helio thing came four days after my last conversation with them (9/17 to 9/21), indicating that perhaps the only way to get your refund back is to be a persistent and bitchy thorn in their side. Im glad that chapter in my life is closed.